June 8, 2010

Please stand up…it’s the World Cup

It’s been ages since I wrote anything, and my blog has been dormant. And what better occasion to write on then the football World Cup.
So…..a four year long wait and finally the World Cup is upon us. Predictions, prediction all over. But do they really work in football? Who had predicted that Greece would win Euro 2004...or France would reach the finals of WC 2006.
But this year, I would think that Spain are clear favourites. They have a star player in almost every position. A midfield consisting of Xavi, Iniesta, Fabregas and a forward line of Torres & Villa is very very scary. They also have a decent defense and three of the best goalkeepers in the world. An almost dream team, I would say.
I’ve been reading a lot of reports about Brazil being the front runners to add to their record of 5 world cup titles. But personally I do not think they have enough firepower this year to go all the way. Kaka has been out of sorts all season but I’m tipping Robinho to hit form. Leaving the experience and skill of Ronaldinho at home can come back to haunt them.
Argentina has the best attack among all the teams…Tevez, Milito, Aguero, Higuan and…..MESSI. I am also a great admirer of Angel di Maria and I hope he comes to Man Utd. this season….But can attack win the tournament for Argentina?…I don’t think so. Maradona may be one of the best players in history but if Argentina doesn’t do well, he could probably go down in history as one of the worst managers.
Then there is England, my favourite team. England’s best chance of winning a world cup was in 2006. Like Spain this year, they had a star studded team then. A major chunk of that team are still there this year…just 4 years older ! Everyone’s talking about Rooney but I personally never liked Rooney even though I am a Manchester United & England fan. For me, Theo Walcott could have been the star along with Aaron Lennon, but Walcott isn’t even in the team! Some real howlers by Capello I feel….dropping Walcott & picking Heskey & Carrick, who have been in woeful form for their respective clubs. I would love to see England lift the cup, but I don’t see it happening. At the most they will get to the semis.
I’m very surprised that Holland is not considered among the favourites. Van Persie is one of the best strikers in the world today, and Sneijner is among the best midfielders. And in my opinion Robben is THE best winger in the world. I’m tipping them to go far, but a lot will depend on Robben’s fitness.
Australia, my other favourite team besides England, has been drawn in a tough group and if somehow they do get out of the group, a potential clash with England will await. Sad but true..
Finally, for MY prediction… I will go for Spain winning their first World Cup, edging Holland in the finals. Spain have long been termed as underachievers, but after their Euro 2008 win, the world cup is an opportunity for them to finally cement their place among the dominant football nations.
But like I said earlier, predictions never work in football. Let’s just enjoy what the beautiful game has to offer us in the next one month.


Ali said...

Well said Rodney, and accurate predictions too..

Rodney said...